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From full-order industrial machine production to sales of industrial parts

  • Automation

  • Automatic machine

  • Labor-saving machine

  • Industrial machinery

  • manufacturing machinery

  • ​Inspection machine

  • Conveyor

  • line equipment

  • ​supply device

  • machined parts

  • ​purchased parts

  • ​imported parts

  • Maintenance and inspection

  • ​Existing machine repair

  • ​Modification of existing machine

​Please feel free to contact us about anything related to industrial machinery and parts.

our strengths

full order
​Machine production

We can provide consistent support for design, manufacturing, and maintenance with the experience, technology, and network that we have cultivated over many years.
In the case of automation of industrial machinery, we help with automation of everything from semiconductors to food and agriculture.
​ We can also repair, maintain, modify, and customize existing machines.

machined parts
​purchased parts

​We also sell various processed parts and purchased parts.

With our own overseas network, including Taiwan, we can reduce costs without sacrificing quality according to customer needs, and ensure and provide a stable supply of products in short supply.

We also accept shipments in which the processed parts are welded and assembled in advance.

​Working time can be greatly reduced.

In addition, we also accept consultations on old parts and parts whose materials and suppliers are unknown.

​We will inspect the parts you need and provide high quality replacements.

Our Office


1023-2 Kannon, Katori City, Chiba Prefecture

TEL: 0478-79-7767

Fax: 0478-79-7768

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