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Product name/equipment name

high temperature heater

​Product Description/Overview

■ Stable maintenance of high temperature of 600 degrees C

It can stably maintain a high temperature of 600 degrees. Heater surface temperature accuracy is within ±2%.

■Because heater is thin, it is superior in temperature response.

Temperature can be raised from 20 to 600 degrees within 10 minutes.

■ Low dust generation

The heater material is low dust generation, so it corresponds to class 10.

Main destination

  • Semiconductor manufacturing process

  • FPD device array process

  • ​Organic EL process

  • coater diler lopper

  • baking furnace

  • Annealing Furnace/Flat Glass Firing Furnace


​temperature zone

Maximum 600℃

Correspondence size

Width: Max 1000mm
Length: up to 2000mm
​Thickness: 6~10mm (excluding metal case)

heating rate

Watt Density: Max 3.0W1/㎡

power density

⊿T: Max 2.5°C/sec

​temperature accuracy

Heater surface temperature ±2% / ℃

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